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Oswego Solar Project

The Oswego Solar project is a nearly 25-megawatt photovoltaic solar energy generation facility intended to repurpose an inactive brownfield site located in the Town of Oswego. The multi-year Oswego Solar project will utilize land wholly owned by Generation Bridge, LLC and located roughly three-and-a-half miles south of the Oswego Harbor Power generating station.

The project is being developed by asset manager Eastern Generation, LLC. Eastern Generation and Generation Bridge are affiliates of ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC, a leading power infrastructure investor with an existing portfolio containing over 25 gigawatts of installed generating capacity.

The Oswego solar project will be built at and surrounding the South Oswego Terminal and will include the removal of several fuel oil storage tanks with a total capacity of approximately 129 million gallons. The investments in solar at the Terminal will create hundreds of jobs during construction. This is the first of several planned projects intended to hasten the transition from fossil generation to clean, renewable energy. Future projects may ultimately include additional investments in solar, energy storage, and other clean energy technologies both at the Terminal and the main Oswego Harbor Power plant.

In August 2023, work began to clean and demolish the seven aboveground fuel oil storage tanks along with all ancillary systems. Demolition work is expected to be complete in December, 2024. All construction activities will take place during daylight hours with minimal impacts to traffic.

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